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17,000 mile trip in north atlantic



Coast of jan mayen island. norway.

Jan mayen island, having a few beers with 17 nors coastguards men. ( radio bag on right, stuffed with beer) .

trawler , blocking our radio signal out ( unable to transmit, but could recieve ).

Tom Hough on right/ turned 21 in tromso norway.

lava rock of the shores of jan mayen island 1966.

Tom Hough 3 rd class. on spar..

Tom hough aft.


Bristol RI

Seaman Chadwick , watch in engine room. 6 on 6 off.

Zig zagging North atlantic .

45 ft. swells north atlantic 1966.

1st class engineman ,Stansel in reefers. 1966 .North atlantic.

Spar off island/ JanMayen  1966.

Massive iceburgs.


2 beers a week/ tuesdays .25 cents each. Tom Hough 3rd class snipe .


Looking out at SPAR (our home ). off of Jan mayen island 1966.

JanMayen Island

Tom Hough/ port generator. clowning around.

Seaman Seymor, en.

Seymor going on watch.

Chadwick ar control board / engine room.

2 days to go to "Copenhagen". with liberty.

Everyone one on board the SPAR received a card to carry in their wallet, saying that we crossed arctic circle.

Map of Tromso where dance was for SPAR's crew.

Chadwick, Hough, Cody. (on shore).Jan mayen island.


Chadwick on watch.

Notestien & Chadwick.
Belfast Ireland

Galley porthole.( jan mayen island )

Malone  ( IMPRESS ME ! ! ! )

Chadwick on watch, Engine room, 2nd level
Kiel canal / germany
Click here to see a letter written home by Tom Hough during the Atlantic crossing (in acrobat format)

Kyle Chapman on gang plank to the SPAR at Bristol RI. /  finally home from her 17,000 mile journey abroad , October 1966.

Amalienborg square / Denmark Copenhagen

The little Mermaid/  Denmark Copenhagen

North Atlantic/Crew using the SPARs boom as a volleyball net on the trip

Chuck & Malone


? Frenchi ?

Spar going through the Kiel Canal, Germany

One of the smaller ice burgs heading towards the arctic circle

moored in Newfoundland, refueling for next stop home/ Bristol RI

A typical day out in the north Atlantic. 4' to 5' swells/ the SPAR had a round bottom hull, she would roll 10 to 20 degrees on a breezy day.

Some of the guys  on the trip with Kyle Chapman 1966/ Dave Milanak far left in t-shirt & yeoman Yates in dress whites. 2nd from the right  Ronald Rosenkranz

Viking statute in Denmark Copenhagen

Street view, in Denmark

A German boat called Mars on the Kiel canal, Germany

Windmill in Denmark  Copenhagen 1966

Amalienborg Square Copenhagen

A Church in a Copenhagen

Two crew members of the USCGC SPAR WLB 403 reunite after 43 years. Made possible by this web site and Fred's Place web site

Thank you from Kyle Chapman &  Tom Hough who served proudly aboard the SPAR in 1966

2  Week storm.



Photos contributed by:
Tom Hough and Kyle Chapman