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LTJG Bob Sanderson

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Ferdnando Tuano

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LTCDR Jack Flynn

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BM2 Tim Otte

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QM Bob Swithers

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SN Richard Grant

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BM1 John Zufelt

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CWO Fred Turlo

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Logistics at Nantucket Lightship

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Otte & Turlo

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LTJG Sam Smith

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GM2 Robert Johnson (on line throwing gun), BM2 Otte, BMC Eagan

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storm at Bristol

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LL Bean one-piece

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BMC Albert Eagan

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BMC Eagan
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CS1 William Moody
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SN Robert Swithers and CS1 Moody
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BM1 Zufelt
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LCDR Jack Flynn CO
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BM2 Tim Otte on Buoy Boat
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SNQM Robert Hanson
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 Charlie Alienello Jr


Photos contributed by:
   Sam Smith
   Charlie Alienello Jr