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Depend On Me logo

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MK1 Declaro and others, QM1 Wheaton with bat

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SS3 Leach, QM3 Faber

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SPAR drydocked in South Portland

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Roberts, Dressler, BMC

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Amery, Dressler, Nickerson

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Capt. Montanese, Ens. Richardson

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Ens. Bogg

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Amery, Nickerson, Dressler

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Dressler, Roberts, BMC

Spar76-12.jpg (35685 bytes)
Dressler, Roberts

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Wendell Robinson

The Boys

aground at Halfway Rock

Burial at Sea


High and dry at Halfway

new stripe


Souther, Crocker, Burke, Shimke


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Photos contributed by:
Mike Roberts    
Brad Leach